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My Birthday Astrology

20 Jun

I stumbled upon this birthday astrology business while chatting with Joan one day on MSN. ( this was a couple of months back) It just suddenly popped into my mind and I immediately went to Google it.


So this is what mine says.

July 27 Birthday Astrology



You should embrace: Emotional equilibrium (I did some research and found out this means to be in a state where you are able to control your feelings. I understand this as knowing myself, my mood patterns, being able to tell when I’m stressed, and preventing myself from burning out, etc. – which are all things I’m trying to do in my life right now) , joy, living in the now (I guess this is pretty accurate as I always seem to be dwelling on the past)

You should avoid: Capriciousness, bad habits, loneliness (in case you didn’t know what being capricious means, as I didn’t initially – Basically, it means to be impulsive, fickle and having the tendency to do things on a whim. This IS pretty me I guess!)

Leos born on July 27 embody a duality that’s not strictly evident except to those who know them well. They appear to be entirely at peace with their emotions, yet possess a spiritual core of steel. They often hide an aspect of their personality, not because they are at odds with it, but in order to maintain a sense of control over their world.

Friends and Lovers

July 27 natives are personable people with good social skills, yet at times they seem almost aloof (ahh, the woes of the socially awkward) , as if they’re unwilling to undertake a friendship dialogue. Even lovers are kept at an emotional distance when these people don’t feel secure. They are determined to be loved for who they are and for no other reason. They have a great love of domestic life and settle into it with ease.

Children and Family

Strength of purpose and ability to meet the challenges of life head-on can be traced to the values that were taught to July 27 natives as children. They are traditional in their life-view and are committed parents who instill integrity in their youngsters, along with a sense of wonder at life’s myriad opportunities.


Although they may not be fanatical about their health, July 27 folks come close to being so. They employ holistic as well as more conventional methods of staying healthy and are careful about their diet.

Career and Finances

Whichever career they choose, July 27 people will throw themselves into it with enthusiasm. Since they’re extremely organized, details related to their work will be handled skillfully and completely. Whether they have great resources or few, they’re equally sensible in the way they handle money.

Dreams and Goals

July 27 individuals want to be the best. This is true no matter what their career aims may be. Once they have achieved a goal, they move on to the next one. These people don’t live in the past; rather, they seek to mature in ways that make each challenge a little more engaging. (tallies with the above which tells me I should embrace living in the now and NOT live in the past. This is another thing I’ve been trying to do recently)

After reading this, it did make me reflect a little on how I could improve and grow as a person. It has been a couple months since reading this, I think there has been some improvements and I’m learning to be more positive every day.

Hope everyone has a nice day. Till the next post!