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My photo journal, update on life recently

10 Jul

^this was taken on 29 June, after my job training. We were at bugis buying presents for our other friend, Caryn. Ha ha, I remember how we snuck into the photo booth for taking neoprints because Sze Tin said that the lighting there was good.

^taken on 1 July, during our break time. It was the first day of work and we were giving the public vouchers for sending messages to support Team Singapore for the olympics. During our break, we each redeemed an ice cream with a voucher. We were so deliriously happy.

^taken on 2 july. Remind me why we took this?? Haha.

^taken on 3 july. Had an outing with my clique from Junior College (JC). Went ice skating.

^Cheez! : Donning on our skates at the skating rink while posing for the camera.

During the skating session, the most memorable thing for me was of us helping Cai Ying because she was not very good at skating. She kept losing her balance so me and Xue Jing became her temporary ‘bodyguard’ and had to keep standing beside her. We were skating together while holding hands =) Hahaha. Another funny thing is that Cai Ying kept complaining about how cold her butt felt. I imagine how funny we looked that day in comparison to the little kids skating around the rink on their own so seemingly effortlessly. Still, I enjoyed myself =)

^Me and Cai ying, thanks xuejing for being the photographer =)

^caiying smiling @ the bowling place. After ice skating, we went bowling. We were not very good to be honest. But we are contented. Yes, we are =)

^taken on same day after the outing with JC clique. Caryn’s birthday was on 4 july. She is having her A levels this year so does not have much time to go out. So this year, we surprised her at her house for her birthday! That’s a group pic of us with her present, the doggie we got her.

^I got nothing to say about Caryn and her seductive pose. No offense though Caryn, I love you still!!!

^taken on 6 july. During our dinner, we ate quickly so we still had time to walk around. We JUST HAPPENED to walk into A&F and JUST HAPPENED to take a polaroid photo with the model there!!! JUST HAPPENED TO OK!! lol.

^taken on 7 july. Some cute kids that visited our booth at work. We chatted with them and all and they were shy in a very cute way. So we asked them if we could take a picture of them ^_^

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” 

― L.M. Montgomery, The Story Girl


Hope everyone has a good week ahead.


I baked a cheesecake!

9 Jul

Disclaimer: this post is really lengthy but I wrote it with the intention to share my preparation process and what I learnt out of the experience. I come from a family of non-bakers and also had to buy the ingredients with my own limited budget. But I wanted to learn how to make the cheesecake because it is one of my favourite type of cakes and also because one of my friend’s birthday was coming up. To sum things up, I just wanna say everyone can learn to bake and enjoy what they love if they put their heart and mind into it!! I also wanted to blog about it for my own reference in future.


Recently, I got around to baking a cheesecake, the non bake kind. I’ll be showing you guys some pictures to share with you the process and to give some tips as well.

I wanna thank Celestial Delish for her recipe here =) Thank you~

I’ll be using her recipe for reference. However, I have altered it in some areas and also added in some of my own comments and pictures to show you how it would be like during the actual preparation. (I will be sharing things that I feel would have been useful for people like me who are newbies in baking aka noobs. Hope you will excuse some details that you find are already quite obvious. Thanks ^_^)

So, of course, when baking anything or doing anything in general, the first thing is to get your resources ready. In this case, make sure that you have all the required ingredients first. I used a 9-inch square tin so I doubled the ingredients as compared to the amount listed on the Celestial Delish’s post (meant for a 6-inch tin). Below is the doubled amount of ingredients required when using a 9-inch square tin.

• 300g digestive biscuits, crushed
• 10tbsp butter, melted (i use about 8-10tbsp)
• 500g Philadelphia cream cheese
• 4tbsp fresh lemon juice
• 1 tsp gelatine, dissolved in 8tbsp warm water
• 2/3 cup sugar
• ½ cup thickened cream

What I used/bought:

for digestive biscuits, I used Mcvities digestive biscuits from Cold Storage.

^I purchased the Philadelphia cream cheese @ Shop and Save for discounted price of $4.40 whereas I saw other places selling at more than 5 bucks.

To get 4tbsp of lemon juice, I used 2 medium sized lemons.

^For thickened cream, I bought the Dairy famers brand from Cold Storage.

Preparing the ingredients:

1. crush the digestive biscuits. It’s actually quite fun!

  • Tip: use two ziplock bags to contain crumbs in case they pierce through the bag.

Get the vacuum cleaner ready as well O.o. 

At this time, you may also want to take the butter out to let it soften.

2. Squeeze until there is enough lemon juice. Squeezing by hand is fine

3. Weigh the sugar

^4. Melt butter (cus mine had not melted at that time)

  • Tip: Chop up the butter into small blocks and place it in the oven for short intervals like 10-15 secs to melt. 

Make sure to check after every interval so it melts to the correct stage. There should not be any white residues 

in the melted butter.

  • Extra info regarding measurements (useful for noobs):

^when measuring tsp/tbsp, I use the measuring spoon bought from Ikea I already had at home. 1 tsp = 5ml and 1tbsp = 15 ml. 

^For measuring a cup, I didn’t have a proper measuring cup but I did find something else that worked. I used the part of the blender which collects the juice. Fortunately, it had measurements on it’s side. 1cup = 8oz. So for example in this recipe, I needed 2/3cup of sugar = about 5.3 oz, which I measured by rough estimation.

Method for crust:

1. Mix the biscuits and butter


^2. Line the base and sides of the cake tin with cling wrap and press the mixture into the base

3. Freeze for about an hour

Method for Cheesecake:
1. Blend cream cheese, lemon juice and gelatine mixture and sugar with a mixer

  • Tip: I realised my electric mixer had stopped working only when I reached this step. But, alas, do not fret. Mixing by hand till evenly textured will do just fine ^_^

2. Whip cream until soft peaks form. Stir into mixture

  • ^Tip: At this point, I had to manually whip the cream.

Firstly, I placed my whisk and a stainless steel pot and placed it in the freezer for about an hour.

Afterwhich, I started whipping the thickened cream using the ice-cold utensils.

Soft peaks formed after a few minutes.

3. Remove cake tin from the freezer, then pour in the cheese mixture

4. Spread evenly and chill for an hour or till harden


I feel that the cream cheese tasted abit too strong for my personal preference. Maybe I can try the recipe again but with less cheese. Overall, I received mixed reviews from the people who have tried the end product. One of my friend really liked it, others said it was ok while some said the cheese tasted too strong. Overall, not bad, I think.

I’m thinking of making an oven bake cheesecake next.




It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves – in finding themselves.  ~André Gide. Start planning new things to try out today!


I’m a foodie and proud of it

25 Jun

Last Sunday, my family had dinner at market 85, one of my all-time favourite food places.

I prefer this heartland food court to places like restaurants and the likes for its food and the environment.

Usually, there will be a lot of hustle and bustle as it gets later and later, even till after midnight as this is the go-to-place for old friends to reminisce and enjoy good food and for families to gather for a simple, affordable and hearty meal.

market 85

BBQ sotong and yu yuan

This desert is called 芋圆 yu yuan, which translates literally to yam balls. I love it! It is my favourite desert now. It is really chewy and has a mild sweet taste.

one of the semi-famous dish here, spicy BBQ sotong. I reckon the main character is the BBQ stingray though (both are from the same stall)

A star at market 85 not to be missed. Marriage of both sambal chilli and the juicy white flesh of the stingray. Not for the faint-hearted though, it can get too spicy for comfort. Best eaten with rice, yum.

bro: eh what to do next?
sis: (thinking) Jie Jie, I know what you are up to
mum: *teaches my brother how to tie a simple braid*

My wacky family (2)

Oyster omelette : A dish that we order all the time without fail

肉搓面 ruo cuo mian aka
ba chor mee (hokkien dialect)
as we Singaporeans call it , translated to mean minced meat noodles. It is made up of thin flat yellow egg noodles accompanied with the signature minced meat soup and topped up with green onion as a garnish. You will be pleasantly surprised by the garlicky taste brought about by the roasted garlic that swims around in the soup. Me and my family especially likes it.

Me gusta? =)


Have a good week ahead everyone!




Hammie Hammie

25 Jun

Hey! whatcha lookin at >.<

“Nom Nom Nom”

that look! it makes me think of the look on the face of a kid that got exposed while trying to steal from the cookie jar.
I shall name it “the thief look” 🙂

whoosh! I’m flash, watch me disappear!

(taken on 13 june) “yawns, time for some zzzs but first i’m gonna stick my hands and legs through the cage”

(taken on 24 july) Just another usual day… “hmm, imma go sleep… with my hands and legs sticking out the cage as usual”

sho kewt , hammie’s face is all squished up trying to drink water

I have four hamsters in my house now. It is a really funny story how they ended up with us. My mum and sister were out one day doing some grocery shopping at the value shop near my house when they saw this cardboard box lying around on the floor. Turns out those four imps (the hamsters) were actually abandoned and left at the shop in the box. My mum and sister then decided to bring it back.

And now that is the story of how we got four hamsters in our house.

Job interview

21 Jun

Today, I met up with Sze Tin and her friend, Miao Chun to interview for a job together. Before today, I didn’t know Miao Chun and had hesitated taking up Sze Tin’s offer to join them for the interview as I was afraid things might get a little awkward (I guess it is pretty obvious I do get socially awkward around new people I meet). However, Miao Chun was very warm and friendly and made me feel very welcome 🙂 ♥ It was as though I wasn’t meeting her for the first time. Rather, it was as though we already knew each other – you know how there’s always  this classmate that you seldom talk to, yup, it was something like that for us. Raising your eyebrows? ha ha, well at least it didn’t feel like we were complete strangers!

All things aside, it also meant that this would be the first time I would be working together with friends. And I do look forward to that! (other than the cowardly part of me that is afraid of socializing o.O) But yeh, seriously, I’m excited to work together still.

After the interview, we went window-shopping around Bugis.




Had a great time today!

And to share this picture which is something I made as I recently learnt some simple knitting.

knitting practise piece (1)


Ending off with a quote i found:

“Friends are the siblings God forgot to give us.”

Ice Cream Date !

19 Jun

Oreo overload from Cold Stone Creamery

Met up with Joan and Corinne today for ice cream @ Cold Stone Creamery. 


To explain further, I have this thing for Cold Stone Creamery because I went there previously with The Dance Clique and couldn’t get over how good the apple pie ice cream was. I loved it and to justify myself, the ice cream even had sweet cracker bits in it. Another good thing is that the ice cream is quite filling. For someone like me, I definitely appreciate that and could immediately envision having future ice cream dates there.


Today, I decided to try something new from their signature creation menu so I had the one called Oreo overload. It was very average. I wish I had ordered the apple pie ice cream instead.


Anyway, ice cream aside, it was great being able to see my two good friends today and catch up! Hope to get together again soon =)