My photo journal, update on life recently

10 Jul

^this was taken on 29 June, after my job training. We were at bugis buying presents for our other friend, Caryn. Ha ha, I remember how we snuck into the photo booth for taking neoprints because Sze Tin said that the lighting there was good.

^taken on 1 July, during our break time. It was the first day of work and we were giving the public vouchers for sending messages to support Team Singapore for the olympics. During our break, we each redeemed an ice cream with a voucher. We were so deliriously happy.

^taken on 2 july. Remind me why we took this?? Haha.

^taken on 3 july. Had an outing with my clique from Junior College (JC). Went ice skating.

^Cheez! : Donning on our skates at the skating rink while posing for the camera.

During the skating session, the most memorable thing for me was of us helping Cai Ying because she was not very good at skating. She kept losing her balance so me and Xue Jing became her temporary ‘bodyguard’ and had to keep standing beside her. We were skating together while holding hands =) Hahaha. Another funny thing is that Cai Ying kept complaining about how cold her butt felt. I imagine how funny we looked that day in comparison to the little kids skating around the rink on their own so seemingly effortlessly. Still, I enjoyed myself =)

^Me and Cai ying, thanks xuejing for being the photographer =)

^caiying smiling @ the bowling place. After ice skating, we went bowling. We were not very good to be honest. But we are contented. Yes, we are =)

^taken on same day after the outing with JC clique. Caryn’s birthday was on 4 july. She is having her A levels this year so does not have much time to go out. So this year, we surprised her at her house for her birthday! That’s a group pic of us with her present, the doggie we got her.

^I got nothing to say about Caryn and her seductive pose. No offense though Caryn, I love you still!!!

^taken on 6 july. During our dinner, we ate quickly so we still had time to walk around. We JUST HAPPENED to walk into A&F and JUST HAPPENED to take a polaroid photo with the model there!!! JUST HAPPENED TO OK!! lol.

^taken on 7 july. Some cute kids that visited our booth at work. We chatted with them and all and they were shy in a very cute way. So we asked them if we could take a picture of them ^_^

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.” 

― L.M. Montgomery, The Story Girl


Hope everyone has a good week ahead.


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