I’m a foodie and proud of it

25 Jun

Last Sunday, my family had dinner at market 85, one of my all-time favourite food places.

I prefer this heartland food court to places like restaurants and the likes for its food and the environment.

Usually, there will be a lot of hustle and bustle as it gets later and later, even till after midnight as this is the go-to-place for old friends to reminisce and enjoy good food and for families to gather for a simple, affordable and hearty meal.

market 85

BBQ sotong and yu yuan

This desert is called 芋圆 yu yuan, which translates literally to yam balls. I love it! It is my favourite desert now. It is really chewy and has a mild sweet taste.

one of the semi-famous dish here, spicy BBQ sotong. I reckon the main character is the BBQ stingray though (both are from the same stall)

A star at market 85 not to be missed. Marriage of both sambal chilli and the juicy white flesh of the stingray. Not for the faint-hearted though, it can get too spicy for comfort. Best eaten with rice, yum.

bro: eh what to do next?
sis: (thinking) Jie Jie, I know what you are up to
mum: *teaches my brother how to tie a simple braid*

My wacky family (2)

Oyster omelette : A dish that we order all the time without fail

肉搓面 ruo cuo mian aka
ba chor mee (hokkien dialect)
as we Singaporeans call it , translated to mean minced meat noodles. It is made up of thin flat yellow egg noodles accompanied with the signature minced meat soup and topped up with green onion as a garnish. You will be pleasantly surprised by the garlicky taste brought about by the roasted garlic that swims around in the soup. Me and my family especially likes it.

Me gusta? =)


Have a good week ahead everyone!





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