Hammie Hammie

25 Jun

Hey! whatcha lookin at >.<

“Nom Nom Nom”

that look! it makes me think of the look on the face of a kid that got exposed while trying to steal from the cookie jar.
I shall name it “the thief look” 🙂

whoosh! I’m flash, watch me disappear!

(taken on 13 june) “yawns, time for some zzzs but first i’m gonna stick my hands and legs through the cage”

(taken on 24 july) Just another usual day… “hmm, imma go sleep… with my hands and legs sticking out the cage as usual”

sho kewt , hammie’s face is all squished up trying to drink water

I have four hamsters in my house now. It is a really funny story how they ended up with us. My mum and sister were out one day doing some grocery shopping at the value shop near my house when they saw this cardboard box lying around on the floor. Turns out those four imps (the hamsters) were actually abandoned and left at the shop in the box. My mum and sister then decided to bring it back.

And now that is the story of how we got four hamsters in our house.


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