Job interview

21 Jun

Today, I met up with Sze Tin and her friend, Miao Chun to interview for a job together. Before today, I didn’t know Miao Chun and had hesitated taking up Sze Tin’s offer to join them for the interview as I was afraid things might get a little awkward (I guess it is pretty obvious I do get socially awkward around new people I meet). However, Miao Chun was very warm and friendly and made me feel very welcome ūüôā¬†‚ô• It was as though I wasn’t meeting her for the first time. Rather, it was as though we already knew each other – you know how there’s always ¬†this classmate that you seldom talk to, yup, it was something like that for us. Raising your eyebrows? ha ha, well at least it didn’t feel like we were complete strangers!

All things aside, it also meant that this would be the first time I would be working together with friends. And I do look forward to that! (other than the cowardly part of me that is afraid of¬†socializing o.O) But yeh, seriously, I’m excited to work together still.

After the interview, we went window-shopping around Bugis.




Had a great time today!

And to share this picture which is something I made as I recently learnt some simple knitting.

knitting practise piece (1)


Ending off with a quote i found:

“Friends are the siblings God forgot to give us.”


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