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I’m a foodie and proud of it

25 Jun

Last Sunday, my family had dinner at market 85, one of my all-time favourite food places.

I prefer this heartland food court to places like restaurants and the likes for its food and the environment.

Usually, there will be a lot of hustle and bustle as it gets later and later, even till after midnight as this is the go-to-place for old friends to reminisce and enjoy good food and for families to gather for a simple, affordable and hearty meal.

market 85

BBQ sotong and yu yuan

This desert is called 芋圆 yu yuan, which translates literally to yam balls. I love it! It is my favourite desert now. It is really chewy and has a mild sweet taste.

one of the semi-famous dish here, spicy BBQ sotong. I reckon the main character is the BBQ stingray though (both are from the same stall)

A star at market 85 not to be missed. Marriage of both sambal chilli and the juicy white flesh of the stingray. Not for the faint-hearted though, it can get too spicy for comfort. Best eaten with rice, yum.

bro: eh what to do next?
sis: (thinking) Jie Jie, I know what you are up to
mum: *teaches my brother how to tie a simple braid*

My wacky family (2)

Oyster omelette : A dish that we order all the time without fail

肉搓面 ruo cuo mian aka
ba chor mee (hokkien dialect)
as we Singaporeans call it , translated to mean minced meat noodles. It is made up of thin flat yellow egg noodles accompanied with the signature minced meat soup and topped up with green onion as a garnish. You will be pleasantly surprised by the garlicky taste brought about by the roasted garlic that swims around in the soup. Me and my family especially likes it.

Me gusta? =)


Have a good week ahead everyone!





Hammie Hammie

25 Jun

Hey! whatcha lookin at >.<

“Nom Nom Nom”

that look! it makes me think of the look on the face of a kid that got exposed while trying to steal from the cookie jar.
I shall name it “the thief look” 🙂

whoosh! I’m flash, watch me disappear!

(taken on 13 june) “yawns, time for some zzzs but first i’m gonna stick my hands and legs through the cage”

(taken on 24 july) Just another usual day… “hmm, imma go sleep… with my hands and legs sticking out the cage as usual”

sho kewt , hammie’s face is all squished up trying to drink water

I have four hamsters in my house now. It is a really funny story how they ended up with us. My mum and sister were out one day doing some grocery shopping at the value shop near my house when they saw this cardboard box lying around on the floor. Turns out those four imps (the hamsters) were actually abandoned and left at the shop in the box. My mum and sister then decided to bring it back.

And now that is the story of how we got four hamsters in our house.

Job interview

21 Jun

Today, I met up with Sze Tin and her friend, Miao Chun to interview for a job together. Before today, I didn’t know Miao Chun and had hesitated taking up Sze Tin’s offer to join them for the interview as I was afraid things might get a little awkward (I guess it is pretty obvious I do get socially awkward around new people I meet). However, Miao Chun was very warm and friendly and made me feel very welcome 🙂 ♥ It was as though I wasn’t meeting her for the first time. Rather, it was as though we already knew each other – you know how there’s always  this classmate that you seldom talk to, yup, it was something like that for us. Raising your eyebrows? ha ha, well at least it didn’t feel like we were complete strangers!

All things aside, it also meant that this would be the first time I would be working together with friends. And I do look forward to that! (other than the cowardly part of me that is afraid of socializing o.O) But yeh, seriously, I’m excited to work together still.

After the interview, we went window-shopping around Bugis.




Had a great time today!

And to share this picture which is something I made as I recently learnt some simple knitting.

knitting practise piece (1)


Ending off with a quote i found:

“Friends are the siblings God forgot to give us.”

My Birthday Astrology

20 Jun

I stumbled upon this birthday astrology business while chatting with Joan one day on MSN. ( this was a couple of months back) It just suddenly popped into my mind and I immediately went to Google it.

So this is what mine says.

July 27 Birthday Astrology



You should embrace: Emotional equilibrium (I did some research and found out this means to be in a state where you are able to control your feelings. I understand this as knowing myself, my mood patterns, being able to tell when I’m stressed, and preventing myself from burning out, etc. – which are all things I’m trying to do in my life right now) , joy, living in the now (I guess this is pretty accurate as I always seem to be dwelling on the past)

You should avoid: Capriciousness, bad habits, loneliness (in case you didn’t know what being capricious means, as I didn’t initially – Basically, it means to be impulsive, fickle and having the tendency to do things on a whim. This IS pretty me I guess!)

Leos born on July 27 embody a duality that’s not strictly evident except to those who know them well. They appear to be entirely at peace with their emotions, yet possess a spiritual core of steel. They often hide an aspect of their personality, not because they are at odds with it, but in order to maintain a sense of control over their world.

Friends and Lovers

July 27 natives are personable people with good social skills, yet at times they seem almost aloof (ahh, the woes of the socially awkward) , as if they’re unwilling to undertake a friendship dialogue. Even lovers are kept at an emotional distance when these people don’t feel secure. They are determined to be loved for who they are and for no other reason. They have a great love of domestic life and settle into it with ease.

Children and Family

Strength of purpose and ability to meet the challenges of life head-on can be traced to the values that were taught to July 27 natives as children. They are traditional in their life-view and are committed parents who instill integrity in their youngsters, along with a sense of wonder at life’s myriad opportunities.


Although they may not be fanatical about their health, July 27 folks come close to being so. They employ holistic as well as more conventional methods of staying healthy and are careful about their diet.

Career and Finances

Whichever career they choose, July 27 people will throw themselves into it with enthusiasm. Since they’re extremely organized, details related to their work will be handled skillfully and completely. Whether they have great resources or few, they’re equally sensible in the way they handle money.

Dreams and Goals

July 27 individuals want to be the best. This is true no matter what their career aims may be. Once they have achieved a goal, they move on to the next one. These people don’t live in the past; rather, they seek to mature in ways that make each challenge a little more engaging. (tallies with the above which tells me I should embrace living in the now and NOT live in the past. This is another thing I’ve been trying to do recently)

After reading this, it did make me reflect a little on how I could improve and grow as a person. It has been a couple months since reading this, I think there has been some improvements and I’m learning to be more positive every day.

Hope everyone has a nice day. Till the next post!

Ice Cream Date !

19 Jun

Oreo overload from Cold Stone Creamery

Met up with Joan and Corinne today for ice cream @ Cold Stone Creamery. 


To explain further, I have this thing for Cold Stone Creamery because I went there previously with The Dance Clique and couldn’t get over how good the apple pie ice cream was. I loved it and to justify myself, the ice cream even had sweet cracker bits in it. Another good thing is that the ice cream is quite filling. For someone like me, I definitely appreciate that and could immediately envision having future ice cream dates there.


Today, I decided to try something new from their signature creation menu so I had the one called Oreo overload. It was very average. I wish I had ordered the apple pie ice cream instead.


Anyway, ice cream aside, it was great being able to see my two good friends today and catch up! Hope to get together again soon =)




19 Jun

Recipe from
Perfect Lemonade Recipe
Prep time: 10 minutes (def more than that for a beginner in the kitchen)

Add to shopping list
1 cup sugar (can reduce to 3/4 cup)
1 cup water (for the simple syrup)
1 cup lemon juice
3 to 4 cups cold water (to dilute) (imo needed much more than that! if i recall, like 2 or 3 more cups)
1 Make simple syrup by heating the sugar and water in a small saucepan until the sugar is dissolved completely.
2 While the sugar is dissolving, use a juicer to extract the juice from 4 to 6 lemons, enough for one cup of juice.
3 Add the juice and the sugar water to a pitcher. Add 3 to 4 cups of cold water, more or less to the desired strength. Refrigerate 30 to 40 minutes. If the lemonade is a little sweet for your taste, add a little more straight lemon juice to it.

“when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”